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Heal the 5 Wounds - Audio Theta Healing Energy Clearings

Heal the 5 Wounds - Audio Theta Healing Energy Clearings


With these audio downloads, you will access 5 energy clearings, each addressing a different wound that may have shaped your life - abandonment, rejection, injustice, humiliation, and betrayal.


Through the power of Theta Healing, each of these audio files will guide you on a journey of profound releases from your subconscious mind.


Close your eyes, lie down, and silently say "yes" in your mind as you embark on a journey to dissolve old patterns and beliefs stored in your subconscious mind. With each clearing, you'll experience a deep sense of relaxation and healing, allowing you to rediscover the truth about yourself and your relationships.


Please note: For your safety, we recommend listening to these clearings in a quiet, comfortable space where you can fully relax. Avoid listening while driving as you may enter a deep state of relaxation and potentially fall asleep.

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