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15th -17th Sept
In Person | London

We live in times when EMPOWERING yourself is no longer an option.
It's the NORM

If you're willing to change your life so you no longer see it through the lens of your past hurt, anger, traumas, pain and grief, Theta Healing is your answer.


When you operate from the limitations of your past, you are creating more limitation into your present. The time has come to shift this outdated pattern and create the life you deserve. It is time to empower yourself  by releasing limiting beliefs so they no longer influence your present, and replace them with empowering ones.

So here's what you can do for yourself by taking the Theta Healing courses:

  • Train your mind, body and spirit to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts​​

  • Clear blocked energy & emotions from your body

  • Shift your mindset from lack and limitation to abundance and possibilities

  • Discover & strengthen your ability to manifest

  • Awaken and explore your intuitive abilities

  • Become aware of your own energy and learn to use it

  • Tap into your POWER to manifest & your ability to create your reality

  • Qualify as an energy healing practitioner and help others to change their lives

You can do all of it in 3 days, in the Basic DNA Theta Healing Course and qualify as a Theta Healing Practitioner. You will receive a diploma at end of the course, which entitles you to receive paying clients.

If you're ready to take it one notch higher to become a better facilitator for your theta healing sessions with clients, you can enrol on the Advanced DNA Theta Healing Course.

Check out the Dig Deeper Course where we will learn to master the art of asking the right questions. This enables you to access part of the subconscious mind which holds the grief, pain and suffering, and then release it and replace it with empowering ones.

If you're ready to put on your Superhero cape and take all three course over 3 weekends, we've created a special reward for you. Have a look at the Awaken With Me Package where you will receive a discount and a substantial Bonus.

Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper Student 

“It’s taken me 40 years to get here, but I’m so glad I made the journey. It’s changed my life.

Each aspect of the course was covered in great depth. The support that Cristina provided was exceptional. She took her time to explain things and if we had any questions or doubts, she worked through them with us. She did this with great love, care, ease, grace and compassion.”

Reena Hirani, Financial Analyst

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