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Theta Healing

For self-development, spiritual progress, anxiety, anger, sleep disorders, weight loss,

traumas,  challenging relationships, money blocks.

 What is Theta Healing?

ThetaHealing Technique® is a holistic healing technique that combines science, spirituality, and energy healing to address and reprogram the subconscious mind, thus creating positive shifts in your life.

Theta Healing aims to identify and transform negative or limiting beliefs at the subconscious level, replacing them with positive and empowering beliefs.

The premise of Theta Healing is that by accessing the theta brainwave state, individuals can access and change limiting beliefs held in their subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is believed to play a significant role in shaping our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It is responsible for storing past experiences, conditioning, and beliefs that influence our perception of reality.

Theta Healing was developed by Vianna Stibal in the early 1990s as a result of her personal healing journey. Since then, Vianna Stibal has been teaching Theta Healing and spreading its principles and practices worldwide.

How does Theta Healing work?

During a Theta Healing session, the practitioner uses a combination of meditation, focused intention, and energy work to identify and transform limiting beliefs, emotions, and patterns that may be contributing to physical or emotional challenges. 

The practitioner acts as a facilitator, guiding the client through the process of releasing negative beliefs and replacing them with positive, empowering ones.

During a Theta Healing meditation, practitioners access the theta brainwave state. While in the theta brainwave state, individuals can connect with the subconscious mind and reprogram limiting beliefs and release emotional blockages.

What can Theta Healing help with?

Theta Healing can address a wide range of issues, such as:

  1. Limiting Beliefs: Theta Healing can assist in identifying and releasing limiting beliefs that hold you back from reaching your full potential. These beliefs may be related to self-worth, success, abundance, relationships, or any other aspect of life.

  2. Emotional Healing: Theta Healing can aid in healing emotional wounds and traumas, such as past experiences of loss, abuse, or betrayal. It can help release stored emotions, promote forgiveness, and foster emotional well-being.

  3. Physical Health: Theta Healing may complement traditional medical care by addressing underlying emotional or energetic factors that contribute to physical health issues. It aims to support the body's natural healing abilities and promote overall well-being.

  4. Relationship Challenges: Theta Healing can assist in resolving conflicts, improving communication, and healing relationship patterns. It may address issues related to romantic relationships, family dynamics, friendships, and professional connections.

  5. Manifestation and Abundance: Theta Healing focuses on aligning your thoughts, beliefs, and energy with your goals and desires. It can help identify and clear subconscious blocks to abundance, success, and manifestation.

  6. Spiritual Growth: Theta Healing can support spiritual exploration and growth by facilitating connection to higher consciousness, intuitive guidance, and inner wisdom. It can assist in deepening your spiritual practice and expanding your spiritual awareness.

  7. Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem: Theta Healing can help boost self-confidence and self-esteem by releasing self-doubt, negative self-talk, and deep-rooted insecurities. It promotes a positive self-image and empowers individuals to embrace their true potential.

Is Theta Healing safe?

Yes, Theta Healing is considered safe when practiced by a trained practitioner.

Consider the following when you book a Theta Healing session:

  1. Qualified Practitioners: Ensure that you seek sessions from certifiedTheta Healing practitioners who have undergone proper training and adhere to ethical guidelines. 

  2. Complementary Approach: Theta Healing is not meant to replace medical or mental health care. It should be seen as a complementary modality that can work alongside traditional treatments. 

  3. Personal Responsibility: As with any healing modality, it's important to take personal responsibility for your own well-being. Communicate openly with your practitioner, share relevant information about your health, and voice any concerns or discomfort during sessions.

  4. Emotional Release: Theta Healing can involve emotional release, and it's important to be prepared for this possibility. Emotional healing can be a positive and transformative experience, but it's important to ensure that you are aware of it as it may manifest as crying, feelings of anger being acknowledged, emotional purge taking place, etc.

  5. Individual Response: Everyone responds differently to healing modalities, and individual results can vary. What works for one person may not work the same way for another. It's important to have realistic expectations and be open to the process.


Can Theta Healing be done online?

Yes, Theta Healing sessions can be conducted remotely, via Zoom.

During a Theta Healing session, the practitioner will work with energy, which is easily accessible by the practitioner regardless of the client's physical location.

The results in the Theta Healing session are not determined by whether the person is physically present in front of the practitioner. Instead, it relies on the client's openness and receptiveness to the healing process.

Whether you're seeking emotional healing, relief from physical ailments, or a new career path, Theta Healing offers you the tools to create profound positive change in your life and transform your reality.


Discover the power of a Theta Healing session and experience:

  • Release of limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns

  • Emotional healing and trauma release

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Improved relationships and communication

  • Physical well-being and pain relief

  • Spiritual connection and personal growth


Don't wait to transform your life. Take the first step towards profound change by booking a session with Cristina Patel.

"ThetaHealing® and ThetaHealer® are registered trademarks of THInK"

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