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Sound Bath

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During a sound bath, you lie down, cozy up under a blanket and allow the vibrations of the gong, crystal bowls and tibetan bowls to heal your body, mind and soul.

As sound enters the layers of your body, it transmutes, transforms, reorganises and realigns energy. It restores the flow of energy in the body and in doing so, it harmonises you emotionally, mentally and physically.


Your body stores all that you think and feel, all that you witnessed and have taken in, all that you wish you wouldn't remember. Your body remembers.

Your body is an encyclopaedia of everything you've ever experienced.

The longer you store in your body anything negative, the natural flow of energy is blocked by the density of the traumas.

I work with vibrations and sound to enable you to let go of the overload of information, so you no longer carry the energetic baggage in your body.

Receiving a sound bath disolves the density in your body and restores the natural flow of energy, in which your body heal itself. A sound bath  deeply relaxing as it identifies the vibrational problems in the body and rectifies them with an adapted vibration, thus generating ease in the body.

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My passion for gong and crystal bowls started in March 2020, when stuck in the house I decided to start playing with these gorgeous tools which combine my passion for crystals with the energies of the chakras.

I was so taken with the deep relaxation this healing modality enables, that in 2021 I qualified in Sound Therapy and I now work with crystal bowls, gong and conch shells to hold space for others to experience the physical, mental and emotional balance of a sound bath.

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When attending a sound bath, ensure you bring your yoga mat, a blanket and a pair of warm socks as the body temperature drops during the session.

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