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Make Peace With Yourself

Audio Healing

To love or not to love? 


Self preservation is an automated response when in danger.  

When your heart is broken, your automated pilot has a programme which sends you the message that love is to blame and so to protect from pain and suffering it's best to shut love out. 

But by shutting love out, we also deprive ourselves from self love. We then go on and push down all the hurt and the pain to ensure that we won't have to handle it. And that's how we start rejecting the parts of us that carry this pain. 


This audio healing gives you the space to heal and reconcile all the parts of you which have been rejected and unloved up until now. It creates the space to be loved out of grief and suffering.

For one hour you will experience a deep state of meditation and relaxation whilst you will be immersed into the energy of divine unconditional love.


The music will facilitate a strong connection with your heart. From this place of safety you can then allow the parts of you that were carrying heavy feelings, unexpressed needs or painful experiences to surface to be healed and integrated.

So pop your headphones on and make yourself whole again by allowing the energy of love to nourish the unloved parts of you. 

The healing is in a digital format and will be made immediately available for download, once purchased.

Healing by Cristina Patel


Music by Alok Verma

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