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What does it mean to Awaken?

We are thought that love is something that happens between two people. Love between mother and child, husband and wife, love between friends. We grow up loving others, or not. 


If in our upbringing, the concept of love expanded a bit further than humans, we were thought to love the trees, the flowers, the mountains. Or we naturally were inclined to do so.


Love is always perceived as a feeling in relation to a person, object or place outside ourselves. 


For many of us, the process of awakening starts with eliminating the known so we can let go of what has been our reality for as long as we remember in this life. 


When you are ready to deconstruct the concept of human love and the suffering attached to it, you will be in awe to discover that love is all there is. It fuels every electron of your human body, and it’s what your soul is made of. It is a state of being, rather than a feeling between two people and is not dependent on anyone external. When you allow yourself to expand in it, you experience the truth of how unlimited and free you are.


So awakening, for me, translates into traveling from my mind to my heart, from the human love to cosmic love so I can rediscover my divinity and the power of my consciousness. It is from this truth that I can create, be, experience, heal and live my life purpose.


When I awake to all that I am, I flow with life, not against it. And it is in this flow that the miracles happen. We have distanced ourselves from our true nature of love so much, that when we are experiencing it now, we call it a miracle. 


So I invite you to take the plunge and allow Cristina Patel to guide and support you in your awakening. Make use of the theta healing modality so you can live this life as an awakened soul.  Take action. You are ready for your spiritual awakening.

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