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I empower you to rise above the limitations in your life,

so you can see, accept and embody the incredible being that you are.

Cristina Patel
Theta Healing® Practitioner & Instructor
Qualified Sound Therapist
Access Bars Practitioner


Trauma is a negative experience which creates a negative impact in your life.


At some point or another, we all went through a traumatic experience, but we may have not realised that we did. 


The first step to heal a trauma is to acknowledge that it happened.


You may be able to identify if you have gone through a trauma, by some of the symptoms below:


  • Anger

  • Having difficulty sleeping

  • Unable to relax

  • Panic attacks

  • Irritability and overwhelm

  • Not finding joy in what once was pleasurable

  • Depression and grief

  • Wanting to avoid people 

  • Withdrawal from normal activities

  • Experiencing nightmares

  • Suicidal thoughts


The memory of a traumatic event is imprinted into the part of our brain which controls our emotions.


If the trauma is not being dealt with, all the emotions associated with it, such as fear, panic, anger are constantly running in your body, until eventually they impact your emotional, mental and physical health. 


Once the traumatic event is stuck in your body, it can negatively affect the way you behave, think and the way you perceive yourself and the world around you.


As the trauma is being stored in the cells in your body, as long as we hold on to that continuous stress, it can change our bodies for the worse, resulting in sickness and disease.

Types of traumas


  • Loss of a relationship such as a breakup

  • Emotional abuse (intimidation, humiliation, insults, blame, threats, manipulation)

  • Not having your needs met as a child (neglect, rejection, lack of love)

  • the loss of a loved one

  • an accident (road traffic accident, sports injury)

  • a life threatening illness

  • physical abuse

  • natural disaster

  • any other events which caused you distress, fear & unhappiness

Overcoming Traumas


If identified and managed, trauma is an opportunity for deep healing and learning.


A fast and efficient way to overcome your trauma and rise from it, is Theta Healing. 


Theta Healing is a mindfulness tool through which you can unpack the trauma, release the negative energy, patterns, beliefs and gain clarity over why things happened the way they did.


Theta healing enables you to let go of the attachment to the trauma so you can move forward in your life, without holding on to the negative experiences.


Having a peaceful and fulfilling life is not a luxury. Accept that you are in charge of the quality of your life and there is so much that you can do to improve it!

Panna Vekaria, Abstract Artist

" When I speak of my sessions to close friends, I always refer to Cristina as the missing jigsaw puzzle.

My life has never been fuller,  brighter and magical and that's down to her energy work. To be able to pick you apart so lovingly then to put you back together so beautifully is simply magical. She promised me that by the time she's finished with me I won't be able to recognise myself and I can say she held that promise and more.

I can't thank you enough Cristina for what you have for me and my creative work as an abstract Artist.  My work and my life will never be the same again. Love Love 🙏🏼 xx

Jessica Mcdiarmed

Cristina literally blew me away with her session.


She tapped into my illness with ease and grace and holds space beautifully. She quickly connects to you energetically and picks up on key aspects of importance.

I gained a deep understanding of why my life has played out the way it has so far. I felt so lifted afterwards, clear of fears and more connected to my higher self and purpose. Thank you Lovely, I am super grateful. Xx

Read here more about Theta Healing or book a session with me.

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