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Energy Cleanse for Events

If you are organising an event in a rented space, you would ensure that appropriate arrangements have been made to accommodate your guests.

In the same way, you have to consider what energy is in the room. What previous events have taken place there, which might influence the overall mood of the attendees? 

Unless the space  has been cleansed energetically, you are walking in the energy of the people who were there before you. If they were happy, you may feel uplifted. If they were in a state of depression, you might start feeling sad without knowing why.

We leave an energetic print wherever we go. We radiate the energy and feelings we have inside us. 

To give your event the best chance of succeeding without it being scrambled by negative emotions and imprints, it is advisable to energetically cleanse the space. 

I do this by using incense sticks, sage and a tibetan bell but the main method is by going into a deep state of meditation to release any negative energies, through the Creator of all That Is.

I will then infuse the room with unconditional love and other high vibrational feelings aligned with the goal of the event, so that the guests can feel uplifted and receive openly what the event has to offer.

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