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Outgrow Yourself

Outgrow Yourself


Enjoy 4 theta healing group sessions in a month, with Cristina Patel.

We meet online, every Saturday @ 8am


What's included?


  • 4 Theta healing session on a different topic every week. You can sugest a topic if you like.


  • Personal energy cleanse - to release any negative energy you may have accumulated over the week


Why join?

  • Be consistent in making changes so you can improve the quality of your life. Consistency is the key to obtainign great success. One healing is amazing to have but as human beings, all aspects of our life are interconnected, intertwined and they influence eachother. By addressing different areas of your life, consistently, in healing e.g. relationships, love, forgiveness, money, etc, you can shift your life in the direction you want it to be.


  • Be part of a group of like minded people. This membership gives you the opportunity to connect with people who by receiveing the same healing as you, share the journey with you and understand the changes. 


All sessions are recorded and you will have unlimited access to them. You can replay them whenever you feel you are ready to go deeper on a subject or whenever you feel the need to.



The membership is valid for one month from the time of purchase and is on a rolling basis until you wish to cancel it.


Cancelation of membership

You are free to cancel your membership at any time, without prior notice.

Price Options
£37.00every month until canceled
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